Webinar Nanomechanics „Indentation: Session 1: Introduction and Overview”

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In this inaugural lecture, Jennifer Hay explains how ‘Test and Measurement’ relates to ‘Science’ before delving into the mystery of instrumented indentation. Why do materials behave differently when confined to a small volume?  What is instrumented indentation, and how is it used today?  How is instrumented indentation different from a micro hardness test?  Join us for an hour to learn the answers to these question and to get an overview of this exciting new e-seminar!

About the instructor: Jennifer Hay is a senior applications engineer with Nanomechanics, Inc., a company which designs and produces advanced nano-scale metrology products, including turnkey nano-indenters, modular devices for nano-scale actuation and sensing, and contract testing. Mrs. Hay holds a masters’ degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Houston and has worked in the field of nano-indentation since 1996, advancing standardization while also developing methodology for new applications including thin films, anelastic metals, polymers, gels, and biomaterials.  Mrs. Hay presently serves as the vice-chair for the MEMS/Nanomechanics technical division of the Society of Experimental Mechanics.  In addition to many journal articles and conference papers, she has authored five invited journal articles on the theory and practice of instrumented indentation.

„Indentation: Session 1: Introduction and Overview”
by Jennifer Hay

Wednesday, June 22nd 2016
6:00 pm, Eastern Time

Registration: link

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